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Coming Summer 2024, Portals Entertainment Center will debut its first active facility in Temecula, CA. Bringing a new entertainment experience to the Temecula Valley, Portals creates a space where your imagination can be set free. Portals is a locally owned and operated facility, and we are excited to be bringing our concept to the Temecula Valley.

Portals is an immersive entertainment facility that will take visitors into an active portal space where they can experience one of our many attractions. Through harnessing the power of blacklight, Portals Entertainment Center brings you: two indoor 9-hole blacklight mini golf courses, an immersive laser tag area, a designated arcade space, a food service component, party/event rooms and a 21+ lounge space. Portals Entertainment Center aims to give each visitor a unique experience, taking them to unknown worlds and experiencing an entertainment facility like no other.

If you have any inquiries or questions, please feel free to email info@portalsentertainment.com.

Portals Entertainment Center, through harnessing the power of blacklight, brings you to worlds beyond our own and gives you an experience to remember.

Through trial and error, we have been able to fabricate active, blacklight portals to freeze moments in time and space, allowing visitors the ability to experience activities in worlds other than our own. Our portals engage infrared isolating technology, patented, and fabricated by Portals Entertainment Group.

Portals Temecula proudly presents you with our first four active portals, open to the public, bringing you the activities of indoor miniature golf, laser tag and a unique space for our 21+ visitors.

Portal 14

In Portal 14, let’s travel back 65 million years and explore the land of the dinosaurs!

Visitors will get to play 9 holes of indoor miniature golf while navigating 2,600 sq ft in prehistoric lands and admiring a moment paused during the age of dinosaurs. Experience the vibrant colors that are magnified by the blacklight, bringing a fresh new perspective of our prehistoric world!

Portal 11

In Portal 11, we are transported to a place both land and sea, a place where if you break the rules, you walk the plank. Welcome to Ocracoke Island – Blackbeard’s Base.

Visitors will experience a land of pirate mythology while playing 9 holes of indoor miniature golf throughout the 2,000 sq ft space. Our blacklight technology magnifies the mythical essence of this moment in time giving each visitor a unique opportunity and experience.

Portal 7

In Portal 7, visitors become part of an epic battle for the lost City of Atlantis!

Using our infrared isolating technology, in a 2,000 sq ft isolated space, we have managed to loop a moment in this epic battle, allowing up to 20 visitors at a time to experience this underwater adventure, getting the opportunity to be a hero and show off your laser tag skills!

Portal 19

In Portal 19, our 21+ visitors get to visit New Neon City, an alternate version of New York City.

Using state of the art technology and being clever about flying under the radar, this is our first interactive portal. Visitors will enter a fully functional portal space with interactive and unique opportunities while enjoying an assortment of wine and beer, along with a unique food menu and tasting opportunities.

Lobby, The Claw Wall and Exchange Center

Bringing an array of classic and modern arcade style games, our Lobby gives visitors the opportunity to play and win! Earn points playing arcade style games such as shooting hoops or knock down the clown and exchange your points for prizes at our Exchange Center.

Visit our Exchange Center to redeem prizes for the points you earned while engaging in our Lobby’s array of arcade style games.

We bring visitors a unique arcade experience…The Claw Wall. This space includes 8 unique claw machines, giving visitors the chance to win a prize! With rotating prizes, The Claw Wall brings visitors a variety of prizes and leaves them thinking, “What will they have next time?!”.

Parties & Events

Looking to book your next party or event? Contact our Party and Events Coordinator here!

Port Bytes

Check out the food and beverage selections at Port Bytes, our in-house café!


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